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Download the jLog application for Mac OS X

The installer and optional files are available under these License conditions:

  jLog V 5.4.5
jLog V 6.1NEW
jLog installer program Java 6: jLog.dmg Java 6: jLog.dmg
Java 7/8: jLog.dmg 1)
lease notes README README

           1) Yosemite requires Java 7 or newer. The latest Java 8 is recommended.


  1. Log in as the preferred user (need Administrator privileges) and download the installer program that corresponds to the selected version of jLog, e.g. to the Desktop (folder).
  2. jLog V5.x: Double-click jLog.dmg and drag the jLog app to the Applications folder (or another folder of your choice).

    jLog V4.x: Start the installation by double-clicking the file and normally using the default values.

  3. This description explains how to switch between the Java Runtime Environments that are available on your computer.