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jLog V  -  Release notes

A new major release of jLog is available from https://jlog.org. The 6.8+ releases provides the following changes:


  • New built-in WSJT-X Tracker provides real-time colouring of stations of interest in WSJT-X's list, e.g. non-confirmed countries, prefixes, US States or US Counties (see screen examples below)
  • Simultaneous use of up to three radios is now supported
  • Manual or automatic logging to QRZ Logbook
  • Automatic registration of new entries to LoTW (override temporarily by entering '-A' in the Remarks field)s
  • Map lookup is back after a few years absence
  • Cabrillo Export upgraded to Cabrillo V3 and uses detailed frequencies when available
  • Modes and Contest-IDs are updated according to the latest ADIF 3.1.3
  • Award Reports can now easily switch between eQSL, LoTW and Paper status
  • GeoCalc (and inside Profile) can convert from/to up to 10 letter Grid-squares
  • QRZ and HamQTH lookup will show CQ and ITU Zones
  • New Shrink command in eQSL and LoTW Sync/Import Log viewer for removing all but erroneous entries
  • New 'QSL Services Info' command will indicate if a callsign is a registered user of eQSL or LoTW
  • Several new radio Yaesu models are now supported.
  • Tools->Zones looks up missing or ambiguous zones using QRZ and/or HamQTH.
  • SAC contest prefix list updated
  • Improved eQSL QSL Card Viewer navigation (macOS only)
  • Frequency sorting improved ('Frq' and 'Freq' columns in the Main window)
  • Radio setup separated from the Profile to allow changes to the Profile without disturbing the radios.
  • LoTW and eQSL Sync time deviation increased from 10 to 30 minutes (as used by LoTW).
  • Many improvements to the on-line User's Guide (more to come).
  • Restored and slightly extended HTML Setup used by HTML Export (V6.8.0.1)
  • Minor cosmetic  improvements for the status window and other field widths (V6.8.0.1)
  • Radios setup button added to Toolbar (V6.8.0.5)
  • Misc. smaller cosmetic updates to deal with larger font sizes (V6.8.0.5)
  • Check-for-Updates message improvements for future updates (V6.8.0.6)


  • View->Columns again functional. Administrates the ten flexible columns.
  • Corrected Main window status display of non-confirmed QSOs
  • mini-Keyer position and size stored correctly
  • Important fix to prevent lockup for serial connected Icom and Yaesu radios (V6.8.0.1)
  • Important fix to the formatting of the 'Freq' column to avoid problems for the neighboring column (V6.8.0.1)
  • Added missing library used by ADIF .adx export (V6.8.0.1)
  • mini-Keyer position and size stored correctly
  • Important fix to the formatting of the 'Freq' column (further improvements) (V6.8.0.4)
  • Improved distinction between Russian European and Asian prefixes (V6.8.0.5)
  • Corrected wrong frequency heading names in DXCC Report (V6.8.0.5)
  • Corrected contest mode duplicates lookup and indication (V6.8.0.5)
  • Corrected problem with international characters and QRZ Logbook submission(V6.8.0.5)
  • Remarks field is now included when uploading to QRZ Logbook (V6.8.0.6)


Please send comments, suggestions, etc. to mail@jlog.org. Thanks!

Examples of coloured callsigns in WSJT-X when running with jLog Tracker:

Caption: Red=new country, Green=station worked, Cyan=new prefix (i.e. country already confirmed)

Updated: 3 December 2022              

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