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jLog V 6 beta is released

The new jLog V 6.0.2 provides new installers for all platforms. The log file (*.jdb-file) format has been changed and logs will be automatically updated.
Please save copies of your .jdb-files before running the new version.


  • Improved versions of support files (jna.jar, macify.jar)
  • Support for Java 7 and 8 also on Mac OS X
  • Support for international characters in many fields, UTF-8 file format, force ASCII in export?
  • Many new log fields for full support of ADIF 3.0.4 (released in July 2013)
  • ADIF Import and Export in ADX-format (XML)
  • ADIF Import Log Viewer window
  • New frequency and many new Modes and Submodes, e.g. JT9-x
  • More powerful and informative 'Check for Updates'
  • DX Cluster (Spots) Log improvements
  • More compact Log Dialogue window (more fields in fewer Tabs)

Errors fixed

  • Better font sizing, in particular for Linux
  • Ignore TAB as delimiter in .jdb-files, disallow ';' in text fields
  • New FCC source
  • Adapted to revised LoTW download format

Known problems

Profile relocation using 'profile.txt' does not function properly