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is a modern Ham Log program that can run on all major platforms, e.g. macOS, Linux/Unix, Windows, etc. It offers a nice, clean interface and allows efficient entry of QSOs.

It is available for free so you can afford to try it! You won't get stuck with jLog. Import or Export of data using the standardized ADIF 3 or ADIF 2 formats are possible to easily exchange data with any other decent Log program.

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Key characteristics

  • Multi-platform, native Look & Feel or common ("Java") Look & Feel across all platforms
  • Many automatic functions (lookup, fill-ins, etc.)
  • Fast log searches (typically < 1 second)
  • Separate tracking of Paper, eQSL and LoTW QSL status
  • Powerful Internet support
    • Real-time logging with eQSL and LoTW
    • DX Cluster tracking with Graphical display
    • QRZ and US FCC lookups
  • Built-in CW Keyer
  • CAT control for many popular rigs
  • Automatic Award status and Reports, e.g. "WAS"-type for 28 countries

V 6.5NEW installers are available


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