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Download the jLog application for Solaris

The installer and optional files are available under these License conditions:

  jLog V 4 jLog V 4.4 jLog V 4.5 jLog V 4.6
jLog installer program install.bin install.bin install.bin install.bin
Communications API *) Java Communications API

*) These files are only needed if a Radio or Keyer is to be connected via a serial communications port


  1. Unless already installed, please install the Java Runtime Environment before installing the jLog application.
  2. Log in as the preferred user and download the installer program that corresponds to the selected version of jLog.
  3. Make sure that the logged in user has access to the Java (JRE) previously installed by opening a Terminal window ("shell") and typing:

    echo $PATH

    Inspect the output. If Java is not found in the PATH, please enter (assuming that the Java JRE was placed in: '/usr/java/):

    $ PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/j2re1.6.0_04/bin; export PATH
    $ echo $PATH

    Please verify that Java is found in the PATH.

  4. Start the installation by typing:

    cd  <the directory where you downloaded the installer>
    sh ./install.bin

    The next steps are only necessary
    if you are going to connect a radio or keyer.
  5. Please download the Java Communications package from Sun, extract the files and install according to Sun's Installation Instructions (see 'commapi/docs/html/platform/solaris/PlatformSpecific.html').