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RXTX for Mac OS X

jLog V 4-x communicates with serial devices through the RXTX library available from Note that RXTX is not used for jLog V 5.

RXTX consists of two parts: The Java extension library RXTXcomm.jar and the serial driver to be integrated with the operating system. 
At least RXTXcomm.jar must be installed before installing the jLog application,
but both files are needed to use a serial port for Keyer or radio control (CAT).

Please note that you must install RXTX as a user with Administrator privileges (e.g. using sudo to move the files).


RXTX Java serial controller RXTXcomm.jar
RXTX native driver librxtxSerial.jnilib
Script for setting privileges (Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard")
Script for setting privileges (Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and earlier?)

Alternative (old!) RXTX installer for Tiger only.

Note: Right-click (or ctrl-click) to save the files.
  • If you are upgrading from V 3.x or V4 Beta 2 (i.e. from an older version of RXTX), please remove the file 'libSerial.jnilib' in the '/Library/Java/Extensions' folder 

  • Please download 'RXTXcomm.jar' and 'librxtxSerial.jnilib' and install them in the '/Library/Java/Extensions' folder to make them available to all users or /Library/Java/Extensions' to be available for the current user only. 
  • Please download '' and install it e.g. on the 'Desktop'.

    Open a Terminal window (found under Application->Utilities) and type:
    $ cd Desktop     (or the folder where you downloaded the script)
    $ sudo sh ./
    Password: <your administrator password>

    This will set the proper privileges for accessing the serial port driver.

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