Changing the character set for jLog

You may experience problems reading the new jLog xml-based configuration files. E.g. SuSE V 9 or newer uses UTF-8 as the default Character Set. The Character Set should be changed to e.g. ISO-8859-1 as follows:

In /etc/profile (or the profile for the current user only):

LANG=en_EN.ISO8859-1; export LANG

In /etc/csh.login (or the login file for the current user):

setenv LANG en_EN.ISO8859-1
setenv MM_CHARSET ISO-8859-1

In a dedicated script starting jLog:

export LANG=en_EN.ISO8859-1
xterm -fn 9x15 -geometry 80x15 -e jlog

More from W3C on Internationalization (Country codes, etc.).

Thanks to Christian (DF5OP) for helping me with these issues!